Astrovisual presents: The Lyra Telescope
Easy to use.
High tech.
SmartPhone controlled.

Discover Space Easily

Got any questions? We're building the Lyra Telescope for you! Why not let us know you're intrested? We're still accepting alpha testers. Even if you don't want to buy one, we would still love your feedback.

Our app will be avalible for alpha testers soon!

Space is yours to Explore

The Lyra Telescope makes it easy to Explore Space

Smartphone Controlled

You can operate the Lyra Telescope from the comfort of the palm of your hand.

Image and Stream

You can image what you see, and even what you can't! The Lyra telescope uses machine vision, our algorithms allow you to enhance what you want to see. You can even stream videos of the night sky! This video shows some of the capabilities we have developed with our previous prototypes:

Telescope Design

Simple & Easy to use!

With a sleek design, the Lyra telescope is ready to observe in less than a minute after setup.

Launching Soon

We're getting ready to launch our product, and we're looking for alpha testers to join us. If you want an Alpha, we will work with you to insure that we are designing the coolest, easiest, high-tech telescope out there. You can send us a message to know more, or go ahead and join our alpha program, we're always willing to talk to our customers and those who are interested.


Alpha Test

Astrovisual - The Lyra Telescope

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